Pain is present for one reason, to protect you. It doesn’t seem to make sense that something that causes so much discomfort and frustration is actually there to help you survive.  Imagine if you couldn’t feel pain, and you placed your hand on a hot stove.  Not realizing the heat would damage your cells, you would do nothing.  For a normal injury, pain presents itself in order to alert you of danger or to protect an injury, and will resolve as the injury heals. However, in many scenarios, pain can be extreme, become chronic or radiate to places other than the original injury site.

Pain is a response from the sensory nerves and therefor can manifest in many ways. Your pain may feel sharp, dull, stabbing, achy, fiery, radiating down an extremity, or (and sometimes even more frustrating) total numbness.  Many people believe a simple MRI or Xray will give them the answer they are looking for as to where their pain is coming from. Often times this is not the case.  Pain is as complex as the human body its self.  A person with a herniated disc may feel the same amount of pain as a person who has some simple swelling in a joint. The reason for this is because regardless of how intense your pain is, it’s the pressure on the nerve and damage to the tissue that is the problem.

Hands on treatment from a team of specialists at CHPT can help you identify and most likely resolve your pain.  Utilizing Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we start with the most conservative treatments such as manual therapy, manipulation, acupuncture and education.  You will understand more about what’s causing your pain and how you can prevent it in the future.  We are also a fully staffed medical office, offering our patients a multifaceted medical approach to healing.

Please feel free to call with any questions or to make an appointment for a consultation.

“We are forever in a love-hate relationship with the wonderment of our own complex bodies, and the struggles we have to overcome. Remember to love yourself, we will help you overcome the pain.”

– V.P.

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